Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last Long Run

Yesterday morning I  did my last long run before the marathon which is October 1st. I ran with Shelly and Lindsey. We started at 3:45 in the morning and we mapped our course on the web site called I ran 23 miles and they ran 21 because they are two weeks behind me in their training. Shelly is doing the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco and Lindsey is doing the Layton, UT Marathon. Our course was fun, we covered a lot of territory. We ran through Gilbert, Higley, & Chandler. The highlight of the run was just before dawn when we ran by the Gilbert Temple that is under construction. The weather was great for the first 19 miles but the last 4 miles were really hard for me. It was starting to warm up and I was feeling totally drained of energy. It is always a great feeling to finish a long run. The rest of the day I was pretty much a zombie. A 2 hour nap was a must.

The hazards of running in the dark. She still had 20 more miles to go.

The best time of the day. 

After 23 miles.

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