Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Ever You Set Your Mind To

Freestone Park
What ever you set your mind to run is what you will be able to do, as long as you have been training.  A 4 miler can be as hard as a 6 or a 10 because it is what you set your mind to do. That is why they say so much of running long distance is a mental game. This last Saturday I had made my mind up to run from my house to the GHS Pancake Run which was a 10K and then run back home. It was 3 miles to the Riparian Preserve which is where the race was at. It was a fun course. I had planned on running a total of 12 but after doing the 10K I felt pretty good so I decided to add 2 more miles to make it a total of 14.  It helped me to feel prepared to run Ragnar in 2 weeks. I will be running a total of 16 miles for the relay. Last year I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot after doing Ragnar. I felt like I hadn't trained enough for it. I had to run an extra leg last year because one of our runners got sick at the last minute, so I ran a total of 19 miles. I had only trained up to 10 or 12. Even though the runs are broken up it is still a lot of miles pounding on your body in a 24 hour period. Gilbert is a great place to run.
Riparian Preserve


  1. Hopefully I'll see you guys in passing at Ragnar!! I'm excited for next weekend. So sad that Mar's back went out and she's not doing it anymore :0(

    We are the "babes with babes", say hi if you see us!

    1. Auburn, thank you for your comment. I hope I see you too. We are Team Sparkle. We will have different colored sparkly skirts on. So fun, I can't wait. I feel bad about Marianne as well.