Friday, August 12, 2011

Change is Good

This has been a week of change in our lives. We have moved into our new building at our business. Everyone is so excited. It has been a lot of work for everyone to help with the move. 35 years of accumulated junk to go through and throw out. It is so good to clean out and organize. Our old buildings have been torn down. As of yesterday the last of the 50 year old shop was dismantled. Below is a picture of Warren cleaning out the shop. It was really hot grimy work in 105 degree weather.

The shop is gone. This is the view from the new building.

The new building. This change is definitely a good thing.

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  1. It's unreal to see the picture of the new building. Obviously I've seen it in person but for some reason the picture just is kind of shocking to me. It's amazing what the business started out as and what you and dad have built it into. I love the picture of dad too in the old shop, I want to frame it to keep. He just looks cute in his hat and denim black pants that he chose to wear even when it's stupidly hot. I'm excited to see what else has been done there in the past few days!