Tuesday, November 6, 2012

God Bless America

I am sitting at home tonight by myself watching the election results on TV. It is hard for me to watch it. I have never cared so much about an election as I do this one. So I am working on my blog to keep me busy plus I am long over due in posting something new.
I have been out of town more in the last month than I have been at home. So I thought I would share pictures from our different travels since September.

The farmer's market in Lincoln.

The Lincoln Trail.

Winter Quarter's Temple.
Omaha, NE

General Conference

The Bay Bridge.
San Francisco, CA
Beautiful San Diego Temple.
So much yummy food.
PF Chang's
LaJolla, CA
Roughing it while waiting for Kris to finish Kokoro Camp.
Carlsbad, CA
We were so proud of Kris. He had just finished a 50 hour straight boot camp, called Kokoro Camp, which was extremely challenging and based on actual Navy Seal training.
We were so happy to see him finish it all in one piece. 
A beautful foggy morning run in Lincoln.
A very cold 11 mile run  on the Lincoln Trail
Frozen to the bone. 
A beautiful sunrise run for our last day in Lincoln.

I love running on this trail with my favorite running partner. 
President Barack Obama is announcing he has won his second term in the 2012 Presidential election. This is not a happy day. Forgive me if you voted for him. I am grateful to live in a country where we are free to choose who we want to lead us. I will pray daily for President Obama to lead our country with wisdom and correct judgment because our country has never needed a strong leader who will make righteous decisions more than it does now.

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  1. I miss running with you!!! After that week of running I was so in love with it I couldn't imagine cutting down my mileage. But based off last week and this week, I'm thinking the end may be near for me :( Miss you guys!! Can't wait to come home in 10 days!! Love you!