Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Memories

July is over. It was such a fun month. The best part about it was being with family and getting out of the Arizona heat. Kelsey and Joey returned back from China on June 21st and have been staying with us until they leave for law school. It has been great to spend time with them. Joey didn't cut his hair while they were in China so he had Marianne cut it as soon as he could.

We had a welcome home party for the world travelers. It was so fun to have everyone together. JT was the only one not there. He had to leave before they got home because his summer school class at BYU started before they got back. They finally got to see him while we were in Solana Beach. We had JT fly to San Diego for the 4th of July week so they could see each other because they will be gone to school before JT gets home in August.

Cute cousins.

Aunt Kelsey.

We spent the 4th of July week in Solana Beach. We love just relaxing and going to the beach. Solana is a very layed back beach town in the middle of the very busy San Diego area. It is close enough for Warren to be able to stay there while he is working in Cali every week. The condo we stayed at was way to small for all of us but it was still fun. The condo we have rented in the past has been sold and is no longer available for us to rent. We are so sad. Now we will be on the hunt to find another great place to escape to in the summer. 
Happy girl.
Fun in Solana Beach.
Yummy sand.

Staying warm.
Uncle Joey digs fun holes.
Just chillen
4th of July cuties
Anxiously awaiting the fireworks to begin.
Happy Birthday America!

Our sweet granddaughter's first birthday was July 21st. She is always so happy and full of energy. She is pure joy.
She loved the blanket I made her.
Her first birthday.
Her very own cupcake.
The next week we flew to Oregon to stay with Kris and Tiersa in a house they rented in Cannon Beach. It had been a few years since we had been there. It is my favorite place on earth. I love the Oregon coast. We had so much fun. There is nothing better than wearing sweatshirts to stay warm in the middle of summer. I love it. 

Our favorite fruit stand on the way to Cannon Beach.
So good !!!!!

Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Manzanita Beach.
Looking for starfish.
Love it !

Down town Cannon Beach.

Pizza Feta.

It is always so hard to say good bye.

We got home late on a Monday night from Oregon and early Wednesday morning I had to leave for Young Women's Camp. We went to Parker, AZ and stayed in a very nice home on the Colorado River. It was my kind of camping a comfortable bed, running water, & air conditioning. It was the best camp ever. The girls and the leaders had a great time.

The best young women in the world !

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